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GoLive website design - dots
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EXCLUSIVE - Adobe GoLive CS2 Video Tutorial Clips
We are happy to present 5 exclusive video clips courtesy of Total Training. The sample clips are from the just released Total Training For Adobe GoLive CS2. In this comprehensive training package host Lynn Grillo provides detailed instruction of advanced GoLive CS2 topics including page building with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), image maps, forms and tables, and editing DHTML, JavaScript, JS, ASP, and PHP source code. An entire hour is dedicated to Web design tips and tricks. For more details, pricing, and special offers visit Total Training.

GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive CS2 - Working With Forms
Adobe GoLive CS2 - Working With FormsWith this GoLive CS2 video tutorial clip you will learn the following:
• How to create a form container and work with various form elements.
• How to use the library to access a variety of form templates.
10.5 MB / 4:49 min

GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive CS2 - Working With Image Maps
Adobe GoLive CS2 - Working With Image MapsWith this GoLive CS2 video tutorial clip you will learn the following:
• How to create hotspots on different areas of an image.
• How to use the image map tools to create links to different pages.
8.8 MB / 4.00 min

GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive CS2 - Working With The CSS Interface
Adobe GoLive CS2 - Working With The CSS InterfaceWith this GoLive CS2 video tutorial clip you will learn the following:
• How to use the CSS Editing Window to create your styles.
• How to customize the interface to include a button bar.
5.1 MB / 2:15 min

GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive CS2 - Working With The New Site Window
Adobe GoLive CS2 - Working With The New Site WindowWith this GoLive CS2 video tutorial clip you will learn the following:
• How to use the New Document dialog box to create a new site.
• How to preview and select a pre-installed Sample Site.
8.1 MB / 3:34 min

GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive CS2 - Working With Site Creation's Advanced Option
Adobe GoLive CS2 - Working With Site Creation's Advanced OptionWith this GoLive CS2 video tutorial clip you will learn the following:
• How to work with the Site Creation Wizard.
• How select a different URL Encoding.
2.5 MB / 1:29 min

GoLive 6 Tutorials5 QUESTIONS WITH LYNN GRILLO - Courtesy of Total Training, read "5 Questions With Lynn Grillo," host of Total Training For Adobe GoLive CS2.
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GoLive website design - dots
Worried about the future of GoLive? Wondering if you need to learn Dreamweaver? Have a look at our free Dreamweaver tutorials. You'll find some free Dreamweaver video clips from Total Training that will help you decide whether this is the right program for you. You can also read about the latest Dreamweaver news, and download a free trial of Dreamweaver.
GoLive website design - dots
Adobe has released Creative Suite 2 with GoLive 8. Here are some quick links to give you an overview, some reviews, and a preview of new features:

GoLive CS2 - Encoding Issues
GoLive 6 TutorialsMany people have been asking "Why is GoLive CS2 not converting special characters entered in layout view to HTML entities?" Read Nate Baldwin's answer to this question.

GoLive 6 TutorialsLayers Magazine — (new site) has 7 GoLive CS2 (GoLive 8) video tutorials that show you some of the new feature of GoLive 8: Visual CSS, Layout & CSS, SVG, SVGt, Mobile Device Authoring, Package for GoLive, and Favicons.

Adobe GoLive CS2 - GoLive 8GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe Online — has a GoLive CS2 - GoLive 8 features page. On the GoLive CS2 What's New Page you'll find info on the following: Simple visual tools to build and edit CSS-based pages, Visual CSS authoring for mobile devices, Visual SVG-t inspection and authoring for mobile, Total site management, Complete development environment for OMA, W3C, and 3GPP standards, Collaborative asset management, Quick Start developer mode, Automated favicon creation, and Enhanced InDesign Package for GoLive

GoLive 6 TutorialsOrder From Amazon.com — Adobe GoLive CS2 helps you unlock the power of CSS and take your ideas to new places with powerful mobile authoring tools based on CSS/XHTML, SVG Tiny, SMIL, and other global standards. Find special discounts on GoLive 8 at Amazon.com.

GoLive 6 TutorialsFirst Look: Macworld Magazine - GoLive 8 First Look
GoLive 6 TutorialsFirst Look: PCWorld Magazine - GoLive CS2 Goes CSS
GoLive 6 TutorialsReview: PC Magazine - Adobe GoLive CS2 Review

GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive How-To: Intro to Using Cascading Style Sheets
by Steve Holmes (Total Training)
You're going to be one step ahead of everyone else when you start getting into the habit of using styles sheets. In this introduction to CSS, Steve Holmes will help you get your Website design and workflow off on the right track.

New GoLive Sites:
GoLive 6 TutorialsGoLiveCentral.com
This site is about GoLive actions and learning. They offer you text and video tutorials on GoLive, JavaScript, actions and a number of other things, and they have their own forum. A lot of new material will be added the coming months.

GoLive 6 TutorialsNini's World — GoLive Tutorials & Links Page
Nini Tjäder of Nini's World offers 3 great GoLive tutorials: Set Image URL, Stripping <font> tags, and Preloading an image. You can also find GoLive links and CSS links and other webrelated links, and a Photoshop links page.

Announcing our latest free tutorial site:
PHOTOSHOP SUPPORT – Adobe Photoshop Resource Site
PhotoshopSupport.com offers links to Adobe Photoshop tutorials and Photoshop resources, along with free tips and tricks and Photoshop plugins. You'll also find the latest Photoshop news and Photoshop articles, as well as a Photoshop Blog that is updated daily. Also look for the recently launched Dreamweaver Resource Center with links to free free Dreamweaver tutorials, Dreamweaver reviews, and Dreamweaver books.

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GoLive 6 TutorialsNEW GoLive book – ADOBE GOLIVE CS2 TIPS AND TRICKS
Price: $13.59 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping.
Book Description
New GoLive book – ADOBE GOLIVE CS2 TIPS AND TRICKSGoLive CS2 is more than just a simple Web authoring tool: As part of Adobe's updated Creative Suite 2, it's a key component of an overall Web workflow that lets you work seamlessly among all of your graphics applications to create spectacular Web sites. This info-packed guide lets users get right down to doing by focusing on just the GoLive features they're mostly like to use and showcasing each in stand-alone tips–complete with a relevant hint or two and a graphic example. In this fashion, you learn just what you need to know, exploring the program in a way that makes sense to you. Before you know it, you'll be importing layered Photoshop files into GoLive, creating PDF files from within the GoLive environment, and using the visual layout grid and Cascading Style Sheets to turn out fluid, beautiful Web pages. Also covered are all of GoLive CS2's new features: enhanced live rendering, mobile CSS support, Visual CVG-Tiny authoring and more.
About the Author
Adam Pratt and Lynn Grillo are both Application Engineers at Adobe and have extensive experience using, teaching, supporting and documenting Adobe GoLive and all of Adobe's Creative Suite Products. Their work involves speaking at conferences such as Seybold and Comdex and they are Adobe Certified Experts in GoLive and many other Adobe applications. They are the authors of Adobe GoLive CS Tips and Tricks.
Buy this book at Amazon.com - ADOBE GOLIVE CS2 TIPS AND TRICKS
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GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive Tutorials From Developer Shed:
Adobe's Lynn Grillo sent in some links to some new GoLive Tutorials, taken in part from Teach Yourself Adobe Creative Suite, by Mordy Golding. Here they are:
Using Adobe GoLive CS, Part 1 (14 pages)
Although Dreamweaver is the tool of choice for many Web designers, Adobe's GoLive also offers a professional quality Web authoring tool that integrates natively with numerous other industry leading products, such as Photoshop. Today, learn how to get started, and start on your way to using Adobe's Creative Suite like a pro.
Article Index:
1. Using Adobe GoLive CS, Part 1
2. Creating a Project
3. Importing a Site from a Folder
4. The Objects Palette
5. The Toolbar
6. The Extras Tab
7. Library Items
8. Adding Assets to the Site
9. Adding Folders
10. Deleting Files, Folders, and Adding Existing Files
11. Site Window View Options
12. The Colors Tab
13. The Font Sets Tab
14. Queries and Collections
Using Adobe GoLive CS, part 2 (12 pages)
Extensive look at tables, layers, and page design.
Article Index:
1. Using Adobe GoLive CS, part 2
2. The Layout Editor
3. The Frame Editor
4. The Source Code Editor
5. Preview Mode
6. Using Basic Objects
7. Using Tables
8. Using Layers
9. Converting Photoshop Layers to GoLive Layers
10. Working with Text
11. Using the Find Window
12. Author Terms
Using Adobe GoLive CS, Part 3 (15 pages)
Working with images, CSS, and JavaScript.
Article Index:
1. Using Adobe GoLive CS, Part 3
2. Rollovers
3. More on rollovers
4. Even More on Rollovers
5. Photoshop Integration
6. ImageReady and Illustrator Integration
7. InDesign Integration
8. Using Images from the InDesign Package
9. Using Cascading Style Sheets
10. Creating an Element Style
11. Creating a Class Style
12. External CSS
13. Link Warnings
14. Publishing the Site
15. Begin Creating

GoLive 6 TutorialsFirst GoLive CS Tutorial from Lynn Grillo
GoLive 6 TutorialsViewing the Included Template Pages
GoLive CS ships with an assortment of template pages that you can put together in various ways to create an entire site. Additionally, there are pre-made Cascading Style Sheet documents that, when combined with the template pages, can produce many visually stunning looks. This tutorial explores how to view the included template pages.

GoLive website design - dots

GoLive 6 TutorialsFirst GoLive CS Tips & Tutorials from Adobe.com
Create Web pages that others can easily update
You specify the types and layout of the content and then let others enter and update it.
CSS made simple
Use GoLive’s all-in-one CSS Editor to create cascading style sheets that enable you to easily maintain consistency in typography and formatting throughout a Web site.
Create queries and dynamically update collections
Use GoLive’s new query functionality to simplify complex file management chores by creating queries and attaching them to collections.
Add interactivity with rollovers
Want to spice up your Web pages with rollovers? Learn how to use GoLive CS to create two types of rollovers.
Source code made easy
Learn how to use GoLive to make working with source code a snap.

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GoLive 6 TutorialsGet Started With Dynamic Data In GoLive
Website designers and managers are finding they no longer need to be expert programmers to reap the benefits of a behind-the-scenes database. In Adobe GoLive 6.0, it's a simple matter:
• run a dynamic data wizard,
• use a few drag-and-drop commands, and
• understand some basics
...and you're off and running with dynamic data. This tutorial shows you how to do just that, using Adobe GoLive 6.0 in tandem with a simple Microsoft Access database.

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GoLive 6 TutorialsLATEST TIP from GoLive in 24 site - Tip #92
Several things can cause the files in your Site window to get out of sync with your web server, including:
• somebody else moving or updating files on the server
• a corrupt or recreated GoLive site file
• server settings including daylight savings time changes
If the Site window insists on uploading files you know are up to date, GoLive 6 fixes things easily! With your site window in front, just choose Site>FTP Server>Sync Modification Times All... It might look like it's uploading files, but it's not. It's just synchronizing the modification times of the files on the remote server with those on your local computer.
Check out tip #92 for a screenshot and more details.

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GoLive 6 TutorialsLatest GoLive Sites
GoLive After Hours - A collection from Adobe's own John Donaldson.
GoLive Tutor - A new site offering tutorials using Adobe GoLive.
GoLive Group - A new site dedicated to GoLive users.
GoLive Basics - Tutorials for those just starting out with Adobe GoLive - featuring introductions to CSS, tables, remote rollovers, pop-up windows, and more.

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GoLive 6 TutorialsRECOMMENDED ---> GoLive 6 Tutorials - by Jeff Seal
A collection of tutorials ranging from simple/beginner steps to more advanced tricks that will show you how to accomplish very cool things with GoLive. Clear instructions allow people at all levels to follow along with ease. Tutorials include remote rollovers, non-tiling backgrounds, CSS colored forms, CSS justified text, popup windows, CSS links, flyout menu, CSS skins.

GoLive website design - dots

GoLive 6 TutorialsNew Site - HTML Code Tutorial
HTML Code Tutorial is one of the best on the web and have recently added a Help Forum, which you can click on from the home page and get personalized help.

GoLive website design - dots

GoLive 6 TutorialsNew Site - Creating Killer Websites - Web Design Forum
Join the easy-to-use web design forum that has been setup on the famous Creating Killer Websites book site. They have also added a new site – Learn how to build websites easily - which offers web design tutorials.

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GoLive 6 TutorialsWeb How-To: Going Live With GoLive
From CreativePro ---> For years Macromedia Dreamweaver had a lock on the hearts and minds of Web designers – and deservedly so. Then Adobe launched a counter-campaign with GoLive. For those unfamiliar with the software, this tutorial not only shows the basic steps required to make a simple Web page in GoLive but also provides more-advanced users with a bevy of last-minute tips. Go to tutorial.

GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive 6 Tutorials
Adobe offers an assortment of great GoLive tutorials.
GoLive 6 TutorialsGive Your Site A Workgroup Makeover
Enable revision management and collaboration by turning your existing site into a feature-rich workgroup site with GoLive and the Adobe Web Workgroup Server.
GoLive 6 TutorialsRestore Files Back To The Future
Restore any Web file to a previous state when you use GoLive with the Adobe Web Workgroup Server.
GoLive 6 TutorialsUse Smart Objects To Link To Photoshop Files
Learn how to create a two-way connection for your image files between Photoshop and GoLive. Link your Web graphics to source files for quick optimization and updates.
GoLive 6 TutorialsCreating Design Diagrams
Lay out a visual representation of a site with design diagrams in GoLive. Then, quickly create a prototype site by converting your diagrams to actual pages.
GoLive 6 TutorialsImport Photoshop Layers As Separate Images
Design your Web page in Photoshop and then import the image layers into GoLive floating boxes.
GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive Training Videos
Narrated, full-screen animated movies from the Virtual Training Company Online. A great way to learn through repeated viewings. There are over 200 movies available.
GoLive 6 TutorialsGoLive Training Videos for GoLive 5
GoLive 6 TutorialsGoLive Training Videos for GoLive 4
GoLive 6 TutorialsAdobe GoLive Expert Center
After a simple registration process, you'll find in-depth instructional content, free downloads, and useful links from across Adobe.com. There are expert tips and tutorials, free actions and extensions, the latest updates, patches, and plug-ins, as well as answers to technical questions. Some of the tutorials include:
GoLive 6 TutorialsClick-and-stick frame navigation buttons
GoLive 6 TutorialsTable styles
GoLive 6 TutorialsAdding sound to the Web
GoLive 6 TutorialsLiberate links with Cascading Style Sheets
GoLive 6 TutorialsLynn Grillo & Adam Pratt - GoLive 6 Tips and Tricks
Many great GoLive tips are online, including:
  1. The Hints Palette
  2. Hiding Palettes
  3. Stashing Palettes
  4. Generating Page Thumbnails
  5. Split Source View
  6. Changing the line breaks in a document
  7. Proportionally Resize Images
  8. Applying a Doctype to a Page
  9. Long and Short Doctypes
  10. Show Rulers on a Page
  11. QuickTime Slideshows
  12. Convert Text to Banner
  13. Add External CSS to Multiple Pages
  14. Workspace Manager
  15. Fixing Table Widths
  16. Text in old pages seems too large
  17. Counting File Usage
  18. Enhanced Asset Previews
  19. Select Upper Block
  20. Easy Table Creation
  21. Objects from Contextual Menus
  22. Files from Contextual Menus
  23. Customizing the New File menu
  24. Clear Recent Files List
  25. SmartObjects Folder
  26. Upload Files Listing
  27. Markup Tree Bar
  28. Selecting Small Images in Table Cells
  29. Document Status Bar
  30. FTP Server Settings
  31. Tiling and Cascading Document Windows
  32. Automatic Rollover Creation
  33. New Rollover Options
  34. Zooming in and out of Nested Tables
  35. CSS with Contextual Menus
  36. Automatic Selection of (EmptyReference!)
  37. Autocompletion of http:// Links
  38. CSS Editor Source Tab
  39. Managing Secure PDF files
  40. Managing Smart Objects with subfolders
  41. New Meta Tag Inspector
  42. Configure Objects Palette
  43. Opening Non-Standard Markup Documents#41 - New Meta Tag Inspector
  44. Invisible .htaccess files on Mac OS X
  45. PDF - Converting to PDF
  46. PDF - Building PDF Forms
  47. PDF - Converting for Print
  48. PDF - Default Page Size Preferences
  49. PDF - Hiding Page Backgrounds
  50. PDF - Smoothing Text
  51. PDF - Shrinking to Fit Paper Width
  52. PDF - Opening Directly in PDF Preview
  53. PDF - Checking Links in PDF Preview
  54. PDF - Creating a New Link in PDF
  55. PDF - Changing Link Highlight Color
  56. PDF - Linking to a PDF Page
  57. PDF - Linking to a PDF Bookmark
  58. PDF - Printing a PDF
  59. Head Objects Snap to Head Section
  60. Opening the Head Section on Drag and Drop
  61. Inserting Head Objects with Context Menus
  62. Special>Page Properties Command
  63. Instant Access to 216 Web Safe Colors
  64. Selecting Colors with an Eyedropper
  65. Setting Matte Color for Smart Objects
  66. Stripping extra data from media files
  67. New Smart Object Sources
  68. Unfolding and Collapsing Elements in Outline
  69. Deleting Internal CSS from Page Head
  70. Safari Browser Preview Fix
  71. Table Selection Tips
  72. Rearranging Tables
  73. Clone Document
  74. Library Items are Site-Managed
  75. Automatically Set Page Titles
  76. Site Management Multiple Undo
  77. Filtering In and Out Links Palette
  78. Exporting Tab-Delimited Text from Tables
  79. Importing Excel and Word Tables
  80. Pulldown Menus in Site Toolbar
  81. Invisible Elements Sets
  82. Finding Errors with Outline Mode
  83. Applying and Removing HTML Styles
  84. Turning off the Microsoft Image Toolbar
  85. Applying CSS Temporarily for Previews
  86. Editing Multiple Selections in the CSS Editor
  87. Precise Layout Grid Placement
  88. Printing a Navigation View
  89. Placing Images from the Inspector Palette
  90. Multiple Default Browsers
  91. Copying Actions
  92. Sync Server Modification Times
  93. Turning Link Warnings on Permanently
  94. Highlight Palette Introduction
  95. Highlight Palette for CSS
  96. Highlight Palette for Special Elements
  97. Highlight Palette Extras
  98. Saving and Loading Highlight Sets
  99. Highlight Palette Color Settings
GoLive 6 TutorialsMindPalette - GoLive Tutorials
MindPalette is a community of creative professionals - and they have a great-looking site that is full of tutorials, including:
GoLive 6 TutorialsNateMail (PHP - form processing script)
GoLive 6 TutorialsFormMail (CGI, GoLive - form processing script)
GoLive 6 TutorialsForm Validation - Text, Menus and Radio Buttons (Automatic JavaScript Generator)
GoLive 6 TutorialsForm Validation - Text Fields (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsForm Validation - Radio Buttons (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsImage Menu (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsImage Menu2 (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsKeyword Navigation (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsKeyword with Mulitple Folders (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsPop-up, Focus, Redirect - NN safe (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsPop-up Close Link - NN safe (JavaScript)
GoLive 6 TutorialsSelect and Go Navigation (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsRe-size window (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsSelect Menu & Text Field (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsSelect Menu & Pop-up (JavaScript, GoLive)
GoLive 6 TutorialsReal World Adobe GoLive 5 - Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks for GoLive 5, including:
GoLive 6 TutorialsUpdate Duplicate Pages with Components
GoLive 6 TutorialsFavorite Keyboard Shortcuts
GoLive 6 TutorialsTables: Restore Default Table Styles
GoLive 6 TutorialsMads Rasmussen - CSS Link Colors
Mads Rasnussen shows how to create different colored links on the same page by using cascading style sheets.
GoLive 6 TutorialsWebmonkey's Adobe GoLive 5 Tutorial
This excellent "all around" tutorial by Joshua Allen includes the following:
GoLive 6 TutorialsWorking with the Site Window
GoLive 6 TutorialsDesigning with the Document Window
GoLive 6 TutorialsInserting an Image
GoLive 6 TutorialsBuilding the Frames
GoLive 6 TutorialsLaying It Out
GoLive 6 TutorialsDropping in Text
GoLive 6 TutorialsMaking JavaScript Rollover and Play Nice
GoLive 6 TutorialsA Touch of Stylesheets
GoLive 6 TutorialsQuickTime and Other Plug-ins
GoLive 6 TutorialsDoing Site Maintenance
GoLive 6 TutorialsSearch and Destroy
GoLive 6 TutorialsRippleStorm.com - Tutorials for GoLive 5
The first of RippleStorm's Tutorials for GoLive 5 include:
GoLive 6 TutorialsUnderstanding CSS - (Cascading Style Sheets) - Brief intro and tutorial.
GoLive 6 TutorialsUnderstanding Rollover Objects - Introduction to rollover objects.
GoLive 6 TutorialsUnderstanding Drop-Down Menu Effects - Intro to making drop-down menus.
GoLive 6 TutorialsUnderstanding Forms - Introduction to building forms, and sending Form contents.
GoLive 6 TutorialsUnderstanding Frames - Introduction to building Frames with GoLive.
GoLive 6 TutorialsUnderstanding Spider Logic - Guide to the logic behind the portal.
GoLive 6 TutorialsUnderstanding WebDAV - Introduction to WebDAV use in GoLive.
GoLive 6 TutorialsThe ASP Pages
A site called The ASP Pages offers some examples of what you can do with the dynamic link feature of Adobe GoLive 5.

We've launched a New Site - please have a look:
GoLive 6 TutorialsDATA RECOVERY TOOLS – Hard Drive Recovery Software & Services
Data Recovery Tools was created to help people survive hard drive disk disasters, and to provide the best resources online for data loss prevention. You'll find pages on Data Recovery and Data Loss Prevention as well as information on DriveSavers Data Recovery and a special 10% discount on DriveSavers data recovery services.

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