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GoLive 6 TutorialsFirst GoLive CS Extensions
Adobe has uploaded a new series of extensions for GoLive CS to the Adobe Studio Exchange. Once there, scroll down until you see Adobe GoLive, then choose Extensions from the pop-up list and click Go. You'll go to a page where new uploads are listed on the right.
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GoLive website design - dots
Worried about the future of GoLive? Wondering if you need to learn Dreamweaver? Have a look at our free Dreamweaver tutorials. You'll find some free Dreamweaver video clips from Total Training that will help you decide whether this is the right program for you. You can also read about the latest Dreamweaver news, and download a free trial of Dreamweaver.

GoLive 6 TutorialsNew Release - The PayPal eCommerce Extension
The PayPal eCommerce Extension for Adobe GoLive is now available for FREE download exclusively from Transmit Media for both Mac and PC users. This wizard-driven extension enables Adobe GoLive web developers to quickly and easily create PayPal payment buttons directly from within the GoLive environment. Merchants can then immediately accept credit cards on their websites for products and services they sell.
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GoLive 6 TutorialsGoLive Extensions & Actions by Oliver Michalak
If you are looking for extensions or actions you can use in conjunction with GoLive, you will find some of the more useful tools here. Whereas actions extend the functionality of page content, extensions generally enhance GoLive itself with new features.
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GoLive website design - dots
GoLive 6 TutorialsBigBang Extend Scripts for GoLive
BigBang (Rob Keniger) Extend Scripts add new capabilities to GoLive, providing workflow improvements and simplifying complex procedures. Extend Scripts add new menus, palettes and objects to the standard GoLive interface.
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GoLive 6 TutorialsBig Bang Solutions – MenuMachine
MenuMachine is a powerful new extension for Adobe GoLive 6. MenuMachine allows you to build and edit hierarchical drop-down menus in seconds, right within Adobe GoLive - with no coding, no editing of text files and no fiddling with complex Actions.
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GoLive 6 TutorialsAtomz Search - GoLive Extension Version 1.01
Atomz Search is the best way for your visitors to search your Web site. With the Adobe GoLive 5 Extension you can quickly and easily insert the Atomz Search form into your Web pages. The extension supports multiple search accounts and multiple memberships.
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GoLive 7 CS UpgradeIntegrated Tools for Powerful Web design

Adobe GoLive 7 CS software delivers what you need to create professional Websites.

Work with Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files directly within GoLive without switching between applications.

Maximize your productivity with a creative Web design environment that suits your style. Design without compromise using powerful tools that support industry standards.

GoLive 6 TutorialsLearn more about GoLive 7 CS on our GoLive 7 CS Upgrade Page
GoLive 6 TutorialsUpgrade Now at Amazon.com [MAC VERSION]
GoLive 6 TutorialsUpgrade Now at Amazon.com [WINDOWS VERSION]

Top 10 New Features
  • Smart Objects
    Open, edit, and place Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files within the GoLive environment.
  • InDesign Package for GoLive
    Use XML to transfer a print publication's text and image assets from Adobe InDesign® to GoLive.
  • Shared color management
    Achieve consistent color with the common Adobe Color Engine.
  • Advanced Adobe PDF integration
    Create, view, and add links to Adobe PDF files directly within the GoLive environment.
  • Prebuilt page designs
    Choose from 58 professionally designed templates ideal for image gallery designs, editorial layouts, Web-based forms, and business and e-commerce sites.
  • Object Toolbar
    With the click of a button, transform the Object Toolbar from a Photoshop style orientation to a familiar GoLive style orientation.
  • Visual CSS authoring
    True visual CSS Level 1 and Level 2 authoring and previewing provide real-time style rendering and feedback.
  • Source code completion
    Syntax-aware extensible source code completion allows you to quickly work with tags, attributes, and methods based on blocks of syntax, such as PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, SVG, and SMIL.
  • XML editing and validation
    Author and inspect XML using Layout, Source, and Outline editors with validation.
  • GoLive Co-Author mode
    Allow content contributors to update and maintain content within an access-controlled Co-Author™ interface. (Separate GoLive Co-Author software license required.)

GoLive 6 TutorialsLearn more about GoLive 7 CS on our GoLive 7 CS Upgrade Page
GoLive 6 TutorialsUpgrade Now at Amazon.com [MAC VERSION]
GoLive 6 TutorialsUpgrade Now at Amazon.com [WINDOWS VERSION]

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